Let’s have a word of prayer about Notary Public services to address some recent questions.

Thank you to Dg Garcia who recommended me on as your local Notary Public in the Liberty Lake, Washington area on our community Facebook page:


While I am happy to do this service pro bono for Veterans like Dg, in home care clients, and people who cannot pay, the fee is $10 per notarial act. Here is my donation link:

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Here is the law regarding the same:


Please note that my $10 fee is in keeping with Washington State law.  In answer to your questions, anyone who asks for more unless it is a traveling service is in violation of the law as I read the law.  I am not an Attorney and cannot give legal advice.  Please read the law for yourself.

Here is the law regarding remote notarial acts which Gov. Inslee has in place until 20 November 2020:


While traveling to notarize loan documents can involve a higher fee as the law specifies, it is curious as to whether or not charging what the market will bear is a Good Neighbor Policy in these tough times.  Market functions produce monetary profit.  Public service functions produce intangible profits.  Together, these forces are tongue and groove and build trust only on a solid foundation.  Fit these forces together improperly and you have non-profits making more money than for profit companies in America, prisons full to capacity, legalized plunder, and the list goes on.  Consider the case when I was a Notary Public in my native Lakeland, Florida.

As a young woman with a family, I was busy cooking supper and organizing everyone for the next day.  Being a Crock Pot Scientist, which may be equally important as a Rocket Scientist, I was busy folding laundry while beef stew simmered in the Crock Pot and the cornbread cooked in our Magic Chef stove in late afternoon October.  I had the jalousie windows open, which I prefer to the artificial air blowing from the swamp cooler above my laundry table.  I heard an almighty commotion of dogs barking, swear words, and incoherent babble.  Our front door was open, with the screen door locked, and another tool locked and loaded on my person.  The key to hospitality is preparedness.  Women who know this usually defuse situations before tools other than their brain are necessary.

When I heard a commotion there off Combee Road (Eaton Park) I went to see what was the matter.  This person had been rapping on doors looking for Notary Public services, and offering wads of cash for this service.  He came to my door and tried to open the storm door, which is a sure sign that he was tripping hard and didn’t know where in Polk County he was.  My only prayer is that he would not wander on to Kathleen, where he would likely be shot on site for such an infraction of human decency.  When this fool realized the storm door was locked, he backed all the way up and put his hands up, and stated his case incoherently, his dirty money falling from the pockets of his stained shorts.  His mottled plaid shorts slipping from beneath his big beer belly down his scrawny hips seemed more filthy than his spittle stained mouth.  It is easy to speak politely behind locked doors, and use your brain as the best Lethal Weapon.  This is how I defused the situation.

Florida born folks know the truth.  Florida: go on vacation; leave on probation.  Something about the Sunshine State causes people to perceive the rule of law has been magically suspended by Walt Disney World during their vacation.  Yet it has not.  Who knows how much tax money Florida could save on staycations in our jails if visitors would remember that the American rule of law extends to all 50 states, including Florida.  What is illegal in your native Wisconsin is still illegal in Florida.  Please.  Don’t come here to run your scam, Yankee.  We will only ask politely one time.

Generally, someone going door to door in what is widely considered to be a rough part of town like Eaton Park is not full of good intentions.  People can get Notary Public services at their own banks and other institutions pro bono.

As it turned out, this misguided individual was paying community notaries cash to notarize the titles to boats.  Of course he had no valid government issued ID.  Of course he was higher than a kite.  Of course his story made less sense than a rattle snake handling tent preacher next to the XXX porno shops and elementary schools on the side of Highway 441.  Yet people fell for the scam.  These were stolen titles to stolen boats.  Duh.  Notaries Public went to jail along with this joker.

The moral of the story is that honest people make their money in honest ways.  Kanye West has made his money by the sweat of his brow as an entertainer.  Yet I suspect when elected President he will waive his salary, or donate it to charity.  I certainly know he would not charge someone what the market would bear for traveling notary services during this Covid-19 pandemic.  He would charge what the market would bear for tickets to his concert when times come up, but that’s a square deal.  See the logic?

Educating one another on our experience and what makes America a better place is what makes Liberty Lake a beautiful community.  Economics can never be decoupled from the spiritual and social without grave consequences.  Split these three and chaos results.  Thank y’all for listening.

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