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Veterans under age 30 are our focus, but all Veterans are eligible for the services.

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Non-medical caregiving includes, but is not limited to, daily cleaning of the Veterans’ home, deep cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, transportation, bathing, transfers, catheter cleaning and maintenance, cooking, administration of medications within the legal limit per Washington State law, companionship, range time, and cleaning/field stripping of weapons.

It is helpful and critical for the caregiver to include cleaning/field stripping of weapons as part of the normal Caregiving routine. In a manner that is respectful, not “gun grabbing” or intrusive, a Caregiver must listen to the Veteran, provide the supplies/support necessary to clean/field strip weapons regularly whether or not they have been used at a legal gun range.

In compliance with Federal law, we do not provide transportation services for Veterans to purchase marijuana legally in Washington State. While we respect state’s rights, we offer Caregiver Alternatives to Cannabis, even for those who use marijuana.

The best way to prevent Veteran suicide is for the Caregiver to help them associate with their weapons in a healthy way.

Heidi Duty regards client privacy as #1. Our site & app are HIPAA compliant, and all client information is confidential. We take the Hippocratic Oath. Our unique service is our focus on supporting the Veterans Administration by going the distance for our Heroes.

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