Endorsement of Lori Feagan/Gun Safety App Coming Soon

Coming April 2020

We support Nurse Practitioner, Lori Feagan, who is running against incumbent State Rep. Matt Shea:


We are not here to bash the incumbent, Matt Shea, or his Spokane County GOP endorsed opponent, Leonard Christian.

We are not here to gripe about Right Wing Maniacs or RINOs, both of which we have been called many times, amongst other insults.  We do our best not to respond, because we are Adorable Deplorables.

We are here to endorse Lori Feagan as a health care professional who walks the walk when it comes to connecting all citizens with local resources.

While we are more right on most matters, we are willing to partner with the left for Veterans’ resources.

Just as Montana Democrat US Senator Jon Tester has done more for Veterans as a Democrat than many realize, we believe Lori Feagan will do the same:


We prefer facts to feelings, even while our feelings hurt easily at times. We thank Rep. Matt Shea and Leonard Christian for their service as Veterans, but we endorse Lori Feagan as our best choice to move Eastern Washington forward.  The facts show Veterans are harmed by initiatives that slash tax payer funded programs.  We will not advance our preference for organic capitalism by kicking our Neighbors suffering from poverty, especially Veterans.  Slashing programs always hurts more than it helps, even though we know the free market does more to alleviate poverty in a day than any other tax payer funded program.

It’s time to “Slay your Inner Matt Shea”. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We don’t attack him as a human being, but we will attack our own prejudices that impede growth in Eastern Washington.

I know progress often sounds just like a bunch of bureaucrats looking to drag people down with more taxes. Progress to us sounds like moving Eastern Washington forward with a voice that connects gun safety as a health issue.  That voice is Lori Feagan.

Lori Feagan understands that 70% of all Veteran suicides occur from their own guns:


We trust her not to get lost in the stale dogma of gun control and gun rights. We trust her to focus on gun safety education as a major health care concern for all Caregivers in Washington State.

No matter how you vote, please do vote:


I am an elected Libertarian, a #Trump2020 supporter, and Spokane GOP member. I am encouraged by the young generation who identifies more with individual candidates than parties. I am willing to be unpopular to support Lori Feagan, and I hope you will too.

Thanks for listening.

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