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Heidi Duty is a referral, consulting and Home Care Aide service for Veterans in the Spokane, Washington area.


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Heidi Duty: Serving a Critical Need

Veteran suicide rate is currently 20 per day, and
(800) 273-TALK is the main VA resource Veterans have.

Heidi connects Heroes to the VA via www.maketheconnection.net to reconnect the Veteran with their health, their weapon, and civilian life.

Gun safety is often ignored by Civilians, who have little understanding of how a Veteran is either associated with their weapon in a healthy way or disassociated entirely from their weapon in an unhealthy way.

Non-medical caregiving has a vital role to support both Veterans and their families. Working in the home, non-medical caregivers can provide support that the VA cannot. Listening to the Veteran, the Carer can reconnect that individual to community services.


How Does Heidi Duty Help?

Eliminating Veteran suicide through education on Veteran specific in-home care.

Gun safety education for Veteran Caregivers, most of whom are women, in their immediate family. Domestic violence of any kind is not tolerated.

Providing referrals to community resources in Spokane / Cœur d’Alene area


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