The following is one report of today’s activities on Planet Earth.  We have a general idea of the location as Spokane County.  This is a Fig Newton of the Imagination, and does not purport to be an official 23:59 report from the United States of America.

It is impossible to fail when we imagine the possibilities to solve every problem.  Our results may fail every so often, but when we collaborate to improve our methods then we will eliminate failure and deliver best results.

Here is what was downloaded from the Collective Consciousness.  We hope you enjoy this story.  Here it goes.


The law enforcement worker was having a devil of a time.  It seemed people left and right were still texting and driving, which was unbelievable given the global Coronavirus pandemic and other looming health crises in our nation.

The law enforcement worker was a Navy Veteran in addition to being a volunteer religious worker.  Often mocked and ridiculed by some on the force, the law enforcement worker stayed true to the principles proven by generations.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The Golden Rule was not whoever had the gold makes the rules.  The Golden Rule is a yardstick by which we are all measured.

The law enforcement worker had been harassed for reporting some on the force for being improper with chewing gum.  Smacking it while speaking with others and spitting it on the ground was unacceptable.  It was a poor example for our youth.  It was out of context.  The law enforcement worker reported their crude behavior and comments when assisting a live birth on the side of I-90.  The law enforcement worker had a bit of a headache and had not slept well the night before.  Irritated beyond all measure, the law enforcement worker pulled over the strange looking car where a person was visibly texting in the driver’s seat.

Upon approaching the window from a safe distance of six feet, the law enforcement worker was arrested by the entertainment worker’s beauty.  The law enforcement worker’s innards jumped from heart to hamstring.  Magical was the moment when the entertainment worker spoke calmly and stated the case.  The law enforcement worker was completely hamstrung by stunning beauty.

“I come forward, Officer Infinity.  I know self-driving cars are illegal in Washington State.  I am willing to pay the penalty to get to my destination.  Please forgive me, but I don’t expect special treatment.  I came here from California as a volunteer health care worker.”

Locked in a bubble of effervescent joy, Officer Infinity spoke in an atypical manner.  Normally rational and calm, now Officer Infinity was emotional and off kilter.

In that sacred space between memory and experience called imagination, Officer Infinity recalled viewing images of the entertainment worker on several movies offered by discerning elders in the orphanage.  Officer Infinity could barely breathe.  Not only was the entertainment worker physically stunning, the spiritual qualities of volunteer religious work and reported adoption of a child touched Officer Infinity.  This entertainment worker was known as a generous soul, who cared about everyone, especially the orphaned and widowed.

“May I please escort you to your destination?”, Officer Infinity asked nervously.

The entertainment worker, delighted by the offer, kindly counter-offered.  “How about you join us for a virtual supper later this evening?”  Officer Infinity could not imagine which religious workers would be there.  Officer Infinity wondered what to wear.  Would the clothes on hand be good enough or was shopping in order?  Could Amazon deliver in two hours?  Not yet.  All the local stores were closed.  Drones were not available here yet.  Spokane had so much less than Seattle in one sense, but so much more in another.  The clothes on hand were clean and pressed.  They would have to do.

A virtual supper had been the last meal Officer Infinity enjoyed with a Navy Comrade who had recently overdosed on opioids.  The Comrade’s deadly pleasure from the narcotics was preferred to pain from years of commuting three hours one way to a VA clinic from rural Indiana with an amputated left leg and blindness in the right eye.  It was hopeful even to consider that this last supper in the sacred space between experience and memory called imagination could be overwritten with a new experience.  A new virtual supper.

“That would be my privilege.  Thank you.  I will issue you a warning for using an electric car in Washington State.  I am not sure the black and white of this issue.  It may be a grey area of the law.”

The entertainment worker remarked how lovely it was to be in Spokane, with its slower pace and friendly faces.  Hopefully a government worker would make self driving cars legal here soon.  Hopefully a charity worker could help everyone have safe transportation.  Hopefully everyone would enjoy the same grace for obeying the spirit of the law, if not its letter.

Hope is a necessary ingredient, as President Obama taught the world.  Yet hope is not a strategy.  Using our power and privilege to empower and engage others is always the best strategy.

This has been an unofficial 23:59 report from Planet Earth.  Imagine the possibilities when we connect through compassion and mutual guarantee.

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