The following is one report of today’s activities on Planet Earth.  We have a general idea of the location as Ybor City.  This is a Fig Newton of the Imagination, and does not purport to be an official 23:59 report from the United States of America.

It is impossible to fail when we imagine the possibilities to solve every problem.  Our results may fail every so often, but when we collaborate to improve our methods then we will eliminate failure and deliver best results.

Here is what was downloaded from the Collective Consciousness.  We hope you enjoy this story.  Here it goes.

The charity worker began her day with a morning routine she had adapted for decades.  Perhaps the groom of her youth was right.  She was an engineer of her own mind and her own environment.  Perhaps he was also right.  She often ate her emotions.  That’s why she got fat after birthing their fourth child.

He was happy with three daughters, but she wanted a son.  It was worth it to her to get the spitting image of her own Father and husband in their fourth child, but it was not worth it to feel like an unwanted fat cow.

Facts were just as important as feelings, so she adapted her morning routine to make sure she burned more calories than she ate.  She made sure her exercise routine gave her a winning mindset by providing her the best brain fuel known to humankind: Oxygen.  Her healthy habits had paid off, by giving her beauty and vibrance at age 65.  She often got hit on by men half her age, but she was not interested.

Today would be a good day.  She had a made up mind for that.  Not a great day, but a good day.  She still had an index card her Mother made her taped to her makeup mirror.  The words reminded her how her Mother always made the best of every circumstance, how much she survived, and how her very existence was a state of excellenceIn her Mother’s lovely cursive script Henry Kissinger’s words spoke as she preened her face daily.  “Let not excellence be the enemy of good.”

She would choose to see the good in all people, places, pets, and things.  Today she had to go help a family who lived above their machine shop in Ybor City.  They didn’t have a ride to the VA Clinic, where their Mother depended on services as a World War II Veteran.

She hadn’t missed Abraham this intensely since she left him many moons ago now.  She had been praying for him since the Covid-19 outbreak.  It was true that he had been verbally abusive and controlling with money since her third pregnancy.  She was the one who insisted on natural family planning, since she wanted one brown eyed baby who favored her, Abraham, and her beautiful Father.  Gabriel was just that, and now she wondered if she hadn’t put their children above her marriage.  Abraham adored their three daughters, Hannah, Lilith, and Tabitha with their fair hair and periwinkle blue eyes.  Lauren loved all their children, but admitted a favoritism of her youngest, Gabriel.  He was a Brown Eyed Handsome Man, just like the Chuck Berry song she used to dance to with her beautiful parents in their cozy, clean little kitchen.  Gabriel was scared of being a Father to a son, since he lost his own Father in the war.  What trials and tribulations he suffered as the man of the house were too much to bear.  Sexual abuse numbs the human mind, but it is especially cruel to men.  It makes them feel like they’re not even men anymore.

He just couldn’t bear the thought of a son, since he didn’t want him ever to be abused.  He knew how to protect his daughters, but he had no idea how to protect his son.  His talent had made him a billionaire, but his fear and trauma socially isolated him.  He was still the love of her life, and the Father of their children.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, preparing for the day.  Charity was hard work, and there was never any point worrying about money in a country as generous as America.  People who had a heart of charity had true class.  Money can’t buy class, nor can cursing the rich or poor.  Perhaps there would be no class warfare if people remembered our common bond.  There was always a money worker who took care of things when you had your heart and business straight.

Suddenly, terror froze her plan to go help the Veteran.  She had left her iPad in the Uber car!  She loved the driver, who was always gracious enough to correct her Spanish politely with plenty of tips on grammar.  She had become so engaged in their conversation about Ybor City that she left her iPad on the front seat of his 1959 Ford F-150.  Pedro had the most original Uber car in all the world, and it was always clean and in perfect repair.  The robin’s egg blue paint always shone perfectly, as did the white leather seats.

Lauren liked the beautifully polished 1959 high tech feel of an analog Ford F-150 with manual transmission, no air conditioning, hand crank windows, and AM radio gently playing Flamenco music.  Pedro was always impeccably groomed, smelling of Old Spice and Magic Sizing used to starch his Mexican wedding shirt.  She loved to hear him tell stories about what his wife was weaving.  He had so much respect for the craft Consuela had carried through six generations to weave beautiful blankets from Alpaca wool.  Consuela was also a retired instrumentation specialist.  Pedro often joked that he married well, but Lauren knew how reverent he was of his wife.  She felt lonelier wondering why she and Abraham hadn’t stayed married.

With a comical whoosh, the Caregiver appeared in her bright lime colored medical scrubs, her wild shock of orange, curly hair buzzing past the clip used to keep it in a French twist, and a UF Gators face mask.  Lauren could see her approach through the window to her front door.  Who was this woman and how had she found her?  The Caregiver stood back six feet and motioned calmly.  She removed her knapsack slowly, so as not to disturb a Lady.  She gingerly pulled the iPad out and pointed to a sticker,

“If Lost, Please Return to Helping Hands of Hillsborough.”

Lauren laughed and blew her a kiss as she left the iPad by the front door and pivoted with a bounce in her step.  She wondered what messages awaited her, but she didn’t open the iPad in a rush to check as she usually did.  She closed her eyes and said a prayer of thanks for good Samaritans everywhere.


This has been an unofficial 23:59 report from Planet Earth.  Imagine the possibilities when we connect through compassion and mutual guarantee.

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